Melinda Zeman, Founder

BOOCHIER was established in 2019 by Melinda Zeman, who brings an inherent multi-cultural sensibility to her designs and with BOOCHIER aims to create something that transcends cultures. BOOCHIER unites people from all walks of life by creating a unique offering: a colorful and luxurious global jewelry house with a jovial spirit.

BOOCHIER grew organically from a few designs into a flourishing brand, making one-of-a-kind tongue-in-cheek pieces that embrace individuality. We make timeless, vibrant and unexpected modern legacy pieces: versatile, adaptable and fun.

Melinda was drawn to jewelry from a young age, fascinated by traditional period dramas. She relished scenes in which elegant female characters graced the screen adorned in intricate gold jewelry, enchanted by its beauty. She learned that jewelry signified poise and confidence. She also is inspired by the golden age of MTV and the bold pieces hip-hop artists wore at the height of the era. She draws inspiration from R&B artists and pop icons, her peers as well as her own cultural heritage. Melinda combines her passion for design with an innate creativity to inform her work.